The NSPMA Board has adopted a new dues structure beginning in July of 2010 which provides for two new paths to membership.


Individuals can still become members as they have in the past either by registering for the conference or submitting a membership only application to NSPMA.

The cost of such membership remains $50 for this year.

The new avenues to membership are through the school district or through the state associations.

A district can elect to become a member for $75. This would entitle the district to designate three individuals who work for the district as representatives of the district. If a district wants to designate more than three individuals they may do so at a cost of $25 each.

The second new path is through the state associations.

A state association can elect to have all of their members be members of NSPMA. The state group would provide a listing of their entire membership to NSPMA along with payment of just $5 per member. At this time Arkansas, Kentucky and South Carolina state associations have elected to have all of their members be members of NSPMA.

Members from either of these new paths will be allowed to register for the annual conference at a reduced rate.

If you have any questions about the new paths to membership please contact John Noel(


Membership Registration can be completed by filling out this form below and mailing it in with your payment.

Current Fee Structure:

Individual: $50.00

District: $75.00 additional members $25.00/per person up to 3

State Associations: All members for $5.00 per member

For more information on helping your members through State Association please contact Dennis.