Speakers at the Northern New England Facility Masters Conference include industry authorities and experts from across the nation, as well as school peers from across the Northeast who are leaders in facility excellence and best practices.

Presenter: Marian Alese
Affiliation: ConVal School District
Email: malese@nhasbo.org

Presenter: Paul Anastasi
Company/Firm: Newton Public Schools
Email: paul_anastasi@newton.k12.ma.us

Presenter: Marcy Bauers
Company/Firm: Fred C. Church, Inc.
Email: mbauers@fredcchurch.com

Presenter: Christine Bowman
Company/Firm: New Hampshire Dept. of Environmental Services
Email: Christine.Bowman@dos.nh.gov

Presenter: Michael Chames
Company/Firm: Simplex Grinnell
Email: mchames@simplesgrinnell.com

Presenter(s): Matthew Comai
Company/Firm: Market Advantage Plus
Email: matt@marketadvantageplus.com

Presenter(s): Carolyn Sarno Goldthwaite
Email: cgoldthwaite@neep.org
John Balfe
Email: jbalfe@neep.org
Company/Firm: Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP)

Presenter: Tim Gross
Affiliation: ConVal School District
Email: tgrossi@conval.edu

Presenter: Bob Hayden
Company/Firm: Standard Power
Email: b.hayden@standardpower.com

Presenter: Sean Heichlinger
Affiation: New Hampshire Dept. of Safety
Email: Sean.Heichlinger@dos.nh.gov

Presenter: Anne M. Keach
Company/Firm: NH Dept. of Environmental Services, Air Resources Division
Email: Anne.Keach@dos.nh.gov

Presenter: Susan Losapio
Company/Firm: Southern NH University
Email: s.losapio@snhu.edu

Presenter: Mike Lucas
Company/Firm: Fred C. Church
Email: mlucas@fredcchurch.com

Presenter: J.P. Mayo
Affiliate: Hillyard, Inc.
Email: JPMayo@Hillyard.com

Presenter: Monica Panait
Affiliation: Primex
603-225-2841 Email: mpanait@nhprimex.org

Presenter: Ned Raynolds
Company/Firm: Johnson Controls
Email: ned.raynolds@jci.com

Presenter: Jim Reny
Affiliation: Retired Facility Director for Waterville Maine Public Schools
Email: jreny@roadrunner.com

Presenter: Marjorie Schoonmaker
Affiliation: Department of Education
Email: Marjorie.Schoonmaker@doe.nh.gov

Presenter: Tom Seekins
Company/Firm: Siemens Industry
Email: thomas.seekins@siemens.com

Presenter: Daniel Smith
Company/Firm: Hillyard
Email: DanielSmith@Hillyard.com

Presenter: Jim Van Valkenburgh
Company/Firm: Froling Energy
Email: Jim@FrolingEnergy.com

Presenter: Kenneth Wertz
Company/Firm: Mass Facilities
Email: exec@massfacilities.com


"Wide range of presenters knowledge and expertise!"

"Guest speakers for Time Management & Supervisors Role in Documentation were superb!"

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